We all dream about having that perfect house, with an equally wonderful and picturesque garden that goes along it. This is why we all save a significant amount of our salaries to buy that house when it is right. But no plan is perfect, and many times the house comes with some quite costly damages that were overlooked during the house’s inspection. This is where we come into the scenario.

Most Trusted Home Inspection Services Provider - R.E.S. - Vest LLC Inspections

We at R.E.S. – Vest LLC Inspections are the most reasonable and qualitative home inspectors providing home inspection service Glastonbury that you can think about hiring.  When buying a house, you want to look at it from all angles, and they decide whether it suits you and your needs best or not. Many things are taken into account when investing money in a house that goes from the size of the yards to the kitchen’s location, bedrooms and the lounge, and bathrooms. They all need to be checked and then contemplated whether they suit you or not. Our workers are the best choice for this kind of work.

Use of Technology in Inspection – Technical Staff

At R.E.S. – Vest LLC Inspections, our workers have been chosen with the thought that they must have lots of experience in this field and know how to use the latest gadgets. Our workers will ensure that everything in the house is in excellent working condition as we are offering a leading home inspection service Glastonbury. It will include the heating system, the cooling system, plumbing, draining, termite, mold, no health problems, no rat infestation, and any other problem that may come to your notice after you have brought them.

Consultation Services along with Inspection

Our work is not done by just pointing out the house’s problems that you want to buy or sell, but we also make sure to check it once again, without any extra cost, once all the fixing and renovations are done. Our services are incredibly reasonable, and you will see that we have the best rates in all of the towns. Our qualified workers also provide consultation services to our loyal clients. Our workers are;

  • Time efficient
  • Professional, with years of experience
  • Verified
  • Legal and don’t have shady backgrounds


You will also see that.

  • Our work and products are of the best quality
  • We provide a six-month guarantee for all t work we do
  • Available at all time
  • can be contacted by any way

Protecting your Property in Glastonbury

We, as R.E.S.-Vest Home Inspections CT fully understand the needs of homeowners residing in Glastonbury. We are committed to provide a complete inspection of their property and to give them peace of mind. Our team is responsible for providing you with the recommendations and giving you an idea about the new home. We are working with dedication and commitment and knowing about the aspects of home inspections, thus are highly recommended by real estate. Give a call today, and we will book an appointment with our expert contractor.


We are committed to providing quality researching in the library. We believe in providing a complete report of your property with indications of repair (future works). It’s our daily job to rock the mountains. Our team will share with you the evaluation of the condition of your premises and recommended quotation to provide you peace of mind and you are aware of the expenses to be done to secure your property.

Why Choose R.E.S.-Vest Home Inspections CT

Cost-Effective Prices

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We strive to provide exceptional service and timely responses to all your inquiries.

Experience & Professionalism

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals has in-depth knowledge of mold detection and mitigation. We utilize advanced tools and equipment to conduct accurate inspections and deliver top-notch results.

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